miércoles, 18 de abril de 2007


Thanks teacher ! I LOVE .IS BEAUTIFIL,NICE, OK .

The level II. I like much, because we realize dialogues and composition.My favorite unit is the Doctor; because we realize one drama speak English.The classes in Computer lab. We learn much for improve our investigate, and pronunciation in the language English.

lunes, 16 de abril de 2007


The significance is due to the devotion to the virgin of ´´La chinita´´.
In this celebration people prepare special meals.
The customs of this activity is to realize processions, sing to the virgin and to wait for the sunrise in church.
I do during this celebration is dance, listen to our typical music wait for the sunrise at my house, prepare big meals and drink beer with my family and my friends.this is my celebrtion ¿what is you opinion?


This he is brief biografia of Frida kalho is very important and interesting
Frida Kahlo (1907 – 1954)Frida Kahlo was born near Mexico City. At 15, she almost died in a bus accident. For the rest of her life, she was disabled and in pain. Soon after the accident, Kahlo taught herself how to paint. Kahlo is especially famous for her self-portraits. In these paintings, Kahlo used bright colors and strange symbols to show her feelings
It is very important to know the life of some artists, since with that knowledge an example for our own lives is had.


The weekend is very pleasant and amused, I enjoy much although you accustom very I am occupied
The Weekend, I Visited friends on Friday night, we went out to a park, last night we went to the stadium and enjoyments.I had a great day, nice, cool very fun.

The Saturday I went to a restaurant with my friends, we ate hot dog and drank juice of apples it’s very cool and delicious.

I had a nice day, cool, spectacular and great.

The Sunday I went to the Cinema with my Family, we watched a movie of Tom Cruise, He worked is bad, terrible is no so good, I had a bad and boring day, the movie of tom Cruise is bad.
This they were a weekend very amused, I hope likes.and you
¿did you have a good weekend?


The following work is directions, from as it is possible to be arrived at a place
1. Where’s the Hotel?It’s on the corner of Vane Street, and second avenue,across from the Universiti.
How do I get to Hotel Carol from Department La Rosa?Walk up Victory street to second avenue, turn left on second avenue and walk up one block, the Hotel is next to the University.
2. Where’s the University?It’s between vane Street and Victory Street , is across from the drugstore.
How do I get to University from Doctors Hospital?Go up on Vane street to second avenue, turn right walk half a block, the University is on your left across from the drugstore.
3. Where’s the City Bank?Is on Vane Street, between second avenue and Street 2dn.
How do I get to City Bank from Mall Center?Walk two blocks on second avenue and turn left on Street Vane, walk half a bloc the City bank is on your right
.4. Where’s is the School?It’s on Second Avenue, behind mall Center, nest to the University.
How do I get to the School from the Square.Walk up two blocs on Street Victory, turn right on second avenue and walk half a block the school is on your left.I hope that they see it and they enjoy it.WHERE´S YOU HOUSE?

Hello, this level 2 is my second work of ingles, I hope that they like, is the sports that I practice and of which I can do....
Hello, my deports favorite is voleyball, I practice it much, because I like very is amused, enchants to DANCING it is my talent, my parents think that very important doing sports and, since practicing it a healthful life is obtained. my sister and my MOTHER PLAY with me and very is entertained.
well, I even hope that they like and has but.....